I’m just back from Paris where I spent three days in our apartment. As I rediscovered it, alone and with guests, I kept thinking about all the work and savvy you put in to decorate it to perfection. No one else could have come up with such an elegant, intricate and refined color scheme: the perfect match of hues, shades, materials and forms works wonders to this day. I remember how you persuaded me gently but decidedly that your options were to be preferred over mine: I’m glad I went your way because in the long run it is the harmony of the whole rather than the one or the other single element that wins the day.

My guests kept discovering the subtleties of the combinations, the accord of fabrics, the extra touches, the thoughtful details. And I was proud to say: no, we didn’t come up with that ourselves, we just turned to the best decorator there is and trusted her to the end!

Anyway, these few lines to show you my lasting appreciation for your work and to invite you again to come over to Europe and enjoy our apartment, your creation!

Warmly yours,

Jean-Jacques de Dardel

Dear Roz,

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you for our new walls! We delight in them each and every day!

With Joy,

Meredith & Bill

Another magnificent year for us. You continue to make our house a beautiful home, your long time friend Kate.


I am always amazed when you present colour- I’ve always thought white and black were enough! This incredibly beautiful range is very refreshing and bring me so much closer to experiencing joy.