I am often hired to interface between the contractor and the client.  The contractor is the expert on all things construction, not color and the subtleties of design.   Too often things go wrong simply because color has not been given the consideration it needs or a shortcut has been taken.  As the Liaison person it is my job to nail down timelines with the contractor and to regulate them regularly.  I make sure that fixtures, tile, flooring and all the bits and pieces are on site and delivered by the time the contractor needs them.    More importantly all these items are properly sourced considering the colors needed for the space or building.  Whether it is the roof shingle or the stone or siding on the exterior to the colour of cabinets, floors, door hardware, everything must be considered and balanced with everything else going into the project.  This takes skill and time.  There are thousands of decisions a home or business owner is asked to make during a renovation or new build.  I am there every step of the way to share in those decisions so it never becomes overwhelming, because that is when costly mistakes happen.    

Because I think about where the bed will go or if the desk may be too close to a door, it can be beneficial to have me go through the architect’s drawings. Several weeks ago, I reviewed an upcoming second story addition.  The childrens’ rooms had closets on the largest wall which meant that there could never be anything but a single bed in those rooms.  When I pointed that out to the client a simple call to the architect fixed what could have been a big oversight.  An architect wants to make sure your house is safe and up to code with a design close to your specifications.  They are not necessarily thinking about your furniture.   When I see floor plans I am thinking furniture and how it will all work.