Can I be honest?  Color affects everything … productivity, how we heal, our sense of well-being.  Color is hard and the less color there is in a paint chip, the harder it is to get it right.  We are only beginning to understand how the brain works but certainly we know color has a powerful effect on it.   I have had many clients tell me they picked white or beige because having a real colour was too hard.   But white and beige are colours and they are the hardest of all.  Staring at a fan deck with a painter or at a wall of paint chips at the paint store is a recipe for failure.  Too often I am called in to fix mistakes.  It is so much more fun when I am there at the beginning.

The same applies to design.  How will that couch fit there, should the desk be there?  What does the flow of this space need, to give me what my life needs, my work needs, my childrens’ needs.  Is the closet in the right place, can we even get a closet in this space? How can I make this kitchen work better without gutting it?  How do I get the clutter out of here? Can  the office work more efficiently?

No consultation is too small.  I have over 20 years of experience.  I have done my 10,000 hours of practice.  There is so much to consider when choosing color you need an expert.    We all know the chaos one encounters even just painting a room.   We also know how much paint costs and a painter …  so, knowing you have the right color from the start makes me a good insurance policy. 

 My consults can entail furniture selection, choosing the right color of hardwood for a floor, fabrics for drapes or cushions, stone for an exterior, ideas for renovations or getting better flow for a space.  The possibilities are endless because everything has a color and they are all connected.   

Whatever your color and design needs I can give you peace of mind and expert advice.  I can pass along discounts from suppliers and save you money by doing things right the first time.